Thomas G. Towns Jr PA - The Towns Team

As a real estate professional, Thomas Towns Jr. is the epitome of dedication and success in the Tampa Bay area. With 2 decades of experience in the industry, Thomas has consistently excelled, averaging 21 personal closings and 50+ team closings annually and ranking in the top 5% of all active realtors in southwest Florida. His commitment to excellence and unwavering work ethic has cemented his reputation as a top-tier agent.

In 2013, Thomas achieved a significant milestone by earning his Broker designation, a testament to his expertise and knowledge in the real estate domain. As a team manager leading a dynamic group of 2 to 5 agents, Thomas has not only demonstrated his leadership skills but also fostered an environment of collaboration and success within his team. Thomas's academic background is as impressive as his professional achievements. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Florida A&M University in 1996, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and personal development. Beyond his professional pursuits, Thomas finds joy in spending time with his wife, extended family, and friends. He also nurtures his love for travel, with a particular fondness for exploring the Pacific Northwest.

What sets Thomas apart is his unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service. His years of experience, honed negotiating skills, and genuine desire to help clients navigate the complexities of the real estate market make him a trusted advisor and advocate. In an ever-complicated and competitive market, Thomas's ultimate goal is to help sellers and buyers achieve their real estate goals with confidence and ease. His dedication to his clients and his craft is truly commendable and sets him apart as a leader in the industry.